Worshipping Pussy

It's not hard to see that the world is out of balance. Old systems and structures are breaking down—both globally and individually—as it feels like we are heading for either annihilation or a rebirth. We have been ensconced in a kind of masculine, rational, linear, problem-solving paradigm for centuries and the disintegration of what no longer serves is an opportunity for the feminine to rise. Already in corporate culture we are beginning to see a trend towards a more feminine leadership style: collaborative and process-oriented as opposed to more the typically masculine, hierarchical and goal-oriented style. I'll save it for a longer post at some point soon, but what I am beginning to see clearly is that we have largely lost touch with a fundamental devotional relationship with the physical manifestation with the feminine: PUSSY.

I believe (and I am not kidding), if we would adopt a universal practice of regular yoni worship, we would naturally become a compassionate, loving society and the world would energetically recalibrate to support this new paradigm.

There is a people in Rwanda and Uganda who worship the feminine in this way. In this practice,  called Kachabali in Uganda and Kunyaza in Rwanda, a man uses the head of his penis to massage the clitoris, labia, and opening of the vagina with circular, up-and-down and side-to-side motions. The vagina is also tapped or slapped rapidly, while he holds his shaft like a flashlight, between his thumb and fingers. When touched this way, many women experience multiple, squirting orgasms. Even the 80% of women who have difficulty with vaginal orgasms, find that the clitoral stimulation Kachabali/Kunyaza provides wakes up all the pleasure centers between her legs.

I came across a poem by writer, Erika Harris, which describes Kachabali/Kunyaza. It is one of the sexiest pieces of writing I have experienced. See what you think...


King of Kachabali. King of Kunyaza
By Erika Harris

He reads her labia
as the sacred script that it is.
He is a pussy devotee,
and he has been endowed
with The Power Of The Hand.
And also, The Power Of The Wait.
He has the power to wait for her, without hurry
or expectation. He is genitally generous.
Circling and churning her honey-pot.
His wrist rotates… spins, like a whirling dervish.
Cockwise. Counter-cockwise.
He wants only to reunite the glans of his erect penis
with the glans of her erect clitoris.
He will let supple, sensitized skin do its thing.
He will not frantically plow into her…
like a big, dopey porn-ox.
This wise womb-worshipper knows
that most of the best-feeling places
in her vagina-temple are actually near its doors.
The lipsss.
So that is where he puts all his focus and energy,
simply sliding slickness all around there…
rhythmically tapping and gliding between her slippery folds
with his warm, silky head… penetrating ever-so-briefly,
and not even all the way…
This teasing, pulsing prayer makes her vulva,
with its 8,000 clitoral nerve endings, reach toward him
like a hungry mouth, wide open to this attentive King
who brings her from dry to drenched.
From thirsty to quenched.
Y'know misogyny? This is the opposite.
If ever something could transform
patriarchy into ecstasy, this is it.
Such giving Kings, your Queens adore you.