“How do we have the kind of soul-stirring, earth-shattering, mind-blowing sex we dream about?”

This is the question I hear over and over again that inspired me to create 21 Days to Mind-Blowing Sex.

Do you identify with one or more of these statements?

• You have been together for a long time—sex used to be hot, but over the years, you’ve lost your spark.

• You love each other dearly and are a great team outside of the bedroom, but you never quite found your groove between the sheets.

• You are reasonably happy with your sex life but long to feel more…more passion, desire, ecstasy.

• You already have a smoking hot sexual connection and can make the most of some new tools and tricks.

21 Days to Mind-Blowing Sex is carefully designed to lead you through an exploration of the three kinds of intimacy—physical, emotional, and energetic—both individually and relationally. There is a fundamental truth about relationships: Passion and Desire require a careful balance of both connection and freedom, safety and adventure, intimacy and mystery. These daily practices and exercises, individually and and as a team, will revolutionize your connection in just 3 weeks.