These ten meditations are a collaboration with Zoë and ambient recording artists, Vic Hennegan and Kayoko Omori, aka Cosmic Star Babies. Relax, enjoy, wrangle your busy thoughts, and get out of your head. 

  1. Sunrise: Powerful Start to the Day
  2. Moonrise: Peaceful Completion and Slumber
  3. Not Your Circus: Meditation for Empaths
  4. Trust and Surrender: Meditation for Control Freaks
  5. Safe and Soothed: Meditation for Survivors
  6. Joy and Wonder: Meditation for Grumps
  7. Calm and Grounded: Meditation for Overthinkers
  8. Electric Juice: Connecting to Sexuality
  9. Feeling Yourself: Guided Self-Pleasure for Women
  10. Slow Your Roll: Guided Self-Pleasure for Men


All ten tracks delivered as downloadable MP3 files.