Daily Incantation for Every Woman

At then end of each of my workshops, I invite all of us to circle-up and hold hands. We spend a few moments feeling the energy in the room, which is invariably both tender and powerful. Once firmly rooted in loving connection, we repeat this incantation. I have been asked many times for a copy … Read more

To My Daughter As I Leave Her at College

Dear Peanut, To say that I am proud of you is an epic understatement. Pride is a word I used for a great dance performance on the Community Center stage when you were six, or for passing Algebra II after watching you work your butt off all semester. I was proud of the way you … Read more

8 Rules of Badass Club

I have conversations with women all day long. Big, bold, strong, tireless, giving, smart, beautiful women. Executives, entrepreneurs, wives, daughters, sisters, mothers. Women who are fiercely loyal, openly expressive, deeply introspective, heartfully generous. We talk about raising great kids, staying fit, performing well at work, maintaining a passionate marriage, cultivating financial security, and all the … Read more

Breathe Me. A Simple Tantra Ritual for Couples.

Tantra is a Sanskrit word that means “tool for stretching” or “instrument of expansion”. In the last couple of decades, the term Tantra has made its way into the pop culture lexicon. From Tantra Restaurant, an upscale restaurant and lounge in Miami’s South Beach, to Tantra Salon, a small hair salon in suburban Philadelphia, the allure of this mysterious practice is … Read more

Open Your Jealous Heart

In a recent Circle-up, Sister! session, the topic of jealousy came up. It’s something we all have to deal with. Boy likes Girl. Girl notices Boy liking Girl. Boy and Girl fall in love. Boy likes another Girl. Girl #1 notices Boy liking Girl #2. Ouch. Of course, this works both ways. Women are fully … Read more

6 Ways to Have Radically Intimate Sex

We’ve seen it in the movies. We’ve read about it in books. We have lived it over and over in our fantasies. I’m talking about the kind of sex that bends time and expands space as you and your lover dive into each other, swimming through veins till you find the tender, pristine places no one has ever … Read more

The Big Libido Manifesto

As women, we play many roles: partners, wives, daughters, mothers, bosses, employees. We deliver, nurture, manage, and please. We are accomplished jugglers, master manifestors; we make things happen. We are badass, and we know it. The byproduct of navigating our hyper-connected, multi-tasking lives with poise and grace is the suppression of raw emotion. To perform … Read more

The Cost of Being a Badass

I am exhausted. Flat-out, bone-weary knackered. Drained, depleted, beat, wasted, spent. You get the idea. I have been on a bender for the last several months, giving birth to a batch of new programs and reinventing the way I do business. This is a good thing. I am fulfilling on my purpose. I am aligned … Read more

The Magic of Hugs

As the daughter of a Jewish mother and a Norwegian father, there were two distinct kinds of hugs when I was a kid. There was the bone crushing embrace of my Bubbe, which was accompanied by a series of kisses literally smacked onto my cheek, forehead, and (if aimed poorly) eyelid, with lips pursed over … Read more

Waking Up to Sex

I had dinner with an ex-lover last weekend. He waited until we ordered and then looked directly at me across the table and said, “I read your article, 6 Ways to Have Radically Intimate Sex, and you forgot the biggest one.” I looked back at him trying to detect if he was serious or just playfully … Read more