The Ins and Outs of Penetration

Men are built to penetrate, not only anatomically, but also emotionally and energetically. Several years ago, I was putting my five-year-old son to bed. We were indulging in the practice of finding creative ways to express our enormous love for each other. I told him I loved him so much my heart was going to explode. … Read more

Worshipping Pussy

It’s not hard to see that the world is out of balance. Old systems and structures are breaking down—both globally and individually—as it feels like we are heading for either annihilation or a rebirth. We have been ensconced in a kind of masculine, rational, linear, problem-solving paradigm for centuries and the disintegration of what no longer … Read more

Getting Back on the Horse: Literally and Metaphorically

We hear from many sources from Ram Dass with his seminal Be Here Now, to Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now about being present in the moment. By now, we are well-versed in the benefits of mindfulness and the awareness of what is right in front of us. We know that living in the past limits our … Read more

Why Sex is Important for Women

Throughout my years of working with women, there is a conversation that I have over and over. The specific details vary, but the bottom line is that an enormous number of women have lost their desire for physical intimacy. We are too tired, too busy, too angry at our partners—at the end of the day, … Read more

Death is Not Good or Bad

It’s been a tough year in the American zeitgeist. We have endured perhaps the most grueling and divisive election cycles in modern history. The experience of which felt very much like the disintegration of the only governing structures we have ever known. 2016 has been disorienting, chaotic, and downright scary at time. Add to this, … Read more

The Excruciating Pain of Heartbreak

I nearly forgot the gut-wrench of loss. We call it heartbreak, but a close second to the hot ache in my chest is the writhing pain just below my solar plexus. It’s shocking how much physical pain can be caused by emotional suffering. It might be easier to endure a broken arm or a concussive … Read more

Open Your Jealous Heart

In a recent Circle-up, Sister! session, the topic of jealousy came up. It’s something we all have to deal with. Boy likes Girl. Girl notices Boy liking Girl. Boy and Girl fall in love. Boy likes another Girl. Girl #1 notices Boy liking Girl #2. Ouch. Of course, this works both ways. Women are fully … Read more

The Cost of Being a Badass

I am exhausted. Flat-out, bone-weary knackered. Drained, depleted, beat, wasted, spent. You get the idea. I have been on a bender for the last several months, giving birth to a batch of new programs and reinventing the way I do business. This is a good thing. I am fulfilling on my purpose. I am aligned … Read more