One-on-one with Zoë. Phone or Skype.


Grab a few of your friends (3-6 women) and get the benefit of reduced fees and a built-in support group. Phone or Skype.


One-on-one with Zoë. Live in Los Angeles, or on location.


We can dive into any particular topic you want support in exploring. Use this fee structure for reference. We can always design a custom plan just for you that makes sense.


$250 per hour

$800 package of four 1-hour sessions

$1400 package of eight 1-hour sessions



Imagine walking along the beach in sunny Southern California, your toes in the sand, the breeze in your hair… What better way to work your shit out? Removing yourself from your natural habitat and daily grind affords you a new perspective —a moment free from constraint and obligation to dive deep and explore. Whether it’s a critical life decision or a much needed global shift, a Personal Intensive Retreat is a powerful way to jumpstart transformation. Your Personal Intensive is completely customizable, and includes meals and accommodation. One-on-One coaching sessions can be supplemented with yoga, meditation, coastal hiking, massage, or other options.


Fees based on individually designed retreat specifications.


This program is designed to create a month-long container in which you will:

1. Discover aspects of yourself you lost or never knew existed.

2. Embrace your body as a powerful force of nature.

3. Engage the flow of sexual energy, both in the bedroom and out in the world.

4. Cultivate a new way of inhabiting your body and being with others.



4 one-hour sessions

Private Facebook Group Moderated by Zoë

Unlimited email support


$700 each

4 ninety-minute sessions

Private Facebook Group Moderated by Zoë

Unlimited email support

Identify and set aside a lifetime of interference in the authentic experience of a very natural and sacred part of yourself.

Understand and celebrate the beauty and magic of your vagina as a force of nature; a source of power.

Explore the expansive nature of your sexuality by increasing your sensitivity to and capacity for feminine energy as creative life force.

Master the flow of sexual energy as a form of self-expression as you move through the world, connected, embodied, and alive.


This 8-week program is designed to take you from SURVIVING to THRIVING. Show up in the world at full-volume, maximize the potential of experiences and relationships, move through the world with grace and compassion, and navigate conflict by repeatedly choosing love over fear. Each week we dive into one of the Eight Rules of Badass Club. When you graduate, you are awarded a certificate of completion.


8 one-hour sessions

Private Facebook Group Moderated by Zoë

Unlimited email support



9 ninety-minute sessions

Private Facebook Group Moderated by Zoë

Unlimited email support

Week One: SELF-CARE Your own wellbeing is a priority.

Week Two: PURPOSE You have a strong statement of purpose and anything that isn’t in alignment with it has to go.

Week Three: SEXUALITY You have cultivated a relationship with your feminine essence and do what it takes to tend the fire.

Week Four: BOUNDARIES You realize that saying no can be an essential expression of love.

Week Five: COMMUNITY You have developed a support system and you’re not afraid to use it.

Week Six: SELF-AWARENESS At any given time, you can answer the question: What do you need?

Week Seven: INDEPENDENCE You are willing to be alone.

Week Eight: VULNERABILITY You are willing to tolerate uncertainty.

Week Nine: Completion