Daily Incantation for Every Woman

At then end of each of my workshops, I invite all of us to circle-up and hold hands. We spend a few moments feeling the energy in the room, which is invariably both tender and powerful. Once firmly rooted in loving connection, we repeat this incantation. I have been asked many times for a copy of this so that it may be used in daily practice. So here it is:

I am love.

I am light.

I am a divine expression of the sacred feminine.

There is a fire that burns inside me.

It is the flame of passion.

Of desire.

It is the spark that sustains humanity.

It is wild in nature and it is my birthright.

It is my responsibility to tend this fire.

And to stoke it in my sisters.

For my own wellbeing.

For my community.

And for the energetic recalibration of the world.

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