Outdoor portrait of beautiful young woman who hugging herself at summer sunset. Orange and yellow natural toning, golden sunshine

Imagine walking along the beach in sunny Southern California, your toes in the sand, the breeze in your hair…What better way to work your shit out? Removing yourself from your natural habitat and daily grind affords a new perspective, a moment free from constraint and obligation to dive deep and explore. Whether it’s a critical life decision or a much needed reboot, this is a powerful way to jumpstart transformation. I call it “going away so you can find your way home to yourself.”

Your Personal Intensive Retreat is completely customizable. One-Day, Weekend, and Five-Day retreats available in Southern California. One-to-one coaching sessions can be supplemented with yoga, meditation, coastal hiking, spa, etc. Travel to other locations is also an option.

Fees are based on individually designed retreat specifications and include one preparatory session and one follow-up session.