Get Your Very Own Personal Pussy Plan

• Were you raised to think that sex is dirty, shameful, or something we just don’t talk about? Has that left you deeply conflicted about your own desire for sex?

• Do you feel insecure about your body—the way it looks, smells, tastes, and feels. Do you compare yourself to other women and think they are more desirable than you?

• Do you feel invisible to men?  Are you confused about the way this whole intimacy thing is supposed to work?

• Do you dread sex with your partner? Do you do things in bed that you would rather not do because you don’t want to say no…again?

• Are you a stranger to your own body? Do you have a hunch that your experience of your own sexuality is only a fraction of what is possible?

If you can answer “YES” to any of these questions, you are not living the fullness of your sexual expression.

The truth is:

You cannot be a powerful woman and be afraid of your pussy.

Reclaim Your Essential Nature and Reinvent Your Sexuality with Your Very Own Personal Pussy Plan

Here is what a Personal Pussy Plan can do for you:

• Feel comfortable in your body and confident in your being.

• Gain insight about what holds you back and how to overcome it.

• Let go of shame and guilt around your body and sexuality.

• Ignite your desire and embrace your feminine nature.

Here is what you get:

Sexual Discovery Worksheet
to help you understand where you are in your own process and what you would like to cultivate.

90-minute session with Zoë
to take a deep dive into your relationship with your sexuality, your concerns and your goals.

Your Personal Pussy Plan
(a downloadable PDF) to cultivate vibrant sexuality and lead you to your personal goals.

Your Personal Pussy Plan includes:

Your own personally designed mantra and how to use it.

Your own personally designed ritual to invoke that which you are looking to cultivate in your sexual expression.

A specific daily practice to support you in your path to vibrant sexuality.

An homework assignment designed to deepen your learning and for your action towards sexual empowerment.


Upon purchase, you will immediately be guided to download your Sexual Discovery Worksheet and schedule your Personal Pussy Plan Session.