Thursday Nights at Mandala Center

Every Thursday Night


Mandala Center

719 Broadway

Santa Monica, CA 90401

Women gather in circle to hold each other in sacred space and purpose. We circle-up to share our stories, to be seen, to deepen our identities as individuals and as a group. In the safety of sisterhood we can access the wisdom of our womb and lay down that which keeps us from the truth of our sensual nature.

There is a fire that burns inside each one of us. It is the flame of passion, of desire, the creative energy that sparks life and sustains humanity. It glows, it roars, it’s wild in nature. It is our birthright, and it is our responsibility to tend this fire, for our own wellbeing, for our community, and for the energetic recalibration of the world.

This weekly workshop is a place we can return home to ourselves and our sisters—to practice, to feel, to breathe, to connect.

All who self-identify as women are welcome.

Mandala is a yoga and wellness center dedicated to nurturing and furthering personal and collective soul growth. We are a community of teachers, students, artists, healers and musicians in the fields of yoga, meditation, wellness, music, art and soul development. We have a common mission: coming together in service to the planet, each other and to  support humankind’s evolution. Mandala is dedicated to the awakening of consciousness, wisdom and compassion on this planet through sharing the sacred science of Yoga and other sacred wisdom and healing traditions. We are committed to working with and supporting other individuals,  groups and non-profits that are working for social and environmental justice.

Mandala is home to some of the most recognized teachers in the world, for our classes, workshops and trainings. Each member of our teaching roster has dedicated their lives to consciousness and are highly respected in their field. We were inspired to create a home for these teachers and  teachings,  a  center dedicated to Yoga as a holistic practice for body, mind + soul, that included different traditions of  yoga and all aspects of the yogic path including meditation, ayurveda, kirtan, philosophy and lifestyle. We are also a home for spiritual studies in other traditions and dedicated to activism and a conscious conversation. Our intention at Mandala is to create a home for the body, mind and soul of our community.  We believe that ‘SANGHA’ is a community of the heart and it naturally arises where there is heart and intention.