Sacred Pussy

Sunday, February 18
Mandala Center, Santa Monica, CA

As women, we are sitting on the biggest energy generators on the planet and also one of the biggest holding areas of shame, insecurity, and disconnection. We receive an endless stream of messaging about how we should look, smell, taste, and act. We have been taught that our bodies, our desire, and our behavior should be crafted for the consumption of others. We have a running self-critical monologue by which we judge ourselves and our worth. And most of us are givers. We prioritize our partners pleasure over our own, getting caught up in who we think our partners want us to be, while secretly (or even unconsciously) craving to be adored wholly for our authentic, wildly-expressed selves.

Truth Bomb: Every woman is a holy expression of the sacred feminine. Your vagina is a vortex to the Divine. Your own connection with the creative life force of the universe is your birthright. Your radiance, self-esteem, and power live in your practiced mastery of this connection. You cannot be a powerful woman and be afraid of your pussy.

if you are a woman who longs to embody her sensual nature and own her power.

In the safe solace of SISTERHOOD:

• REFRAME your ideas about sexuality
• REWRITE your story about sex
• REINVENT your relationship with your pussy
• RECIEVE the loving witness of your sisters
• RECLAIM your birthright
• REMEMBER who you really are

Attending SACRED PUSSY will give you:

• A sense of aliveness in your whole being
• A new level of comfort and ease in your body
• A connection to the deep feminine wisdom of your pussy
• A set of practices to care for your body and spirit
• A feeling of connection and sisterhood
• A nourished soul

This is a workshop-style event.
Expect light movement, breathwork, open discussion, partner exercises, guided meditation, tenderness,
and celebration. All who self-identify as women are welcome.

RED attire is requested in honor of V-Day.

$35 ($40 at the door)