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Most of us imagine love and romance to look a certain way: rainbows, unicorns, lazy sunday mornings, spontaneous sex, and mutual mind-blowing orgasms. But the truth is, it seldom really looks like that. Relationship is the bootcamp of self-realization. As a survivor of a 10-year sexless marriage, I have a deep understanding of how complicated it is to manage all the different parts of a relationship. What makes a perfect partnership outside the bedroom doesn’t necessarily translate between the sheets. 

There are three distinct kinds of intimacy: physical, emotional, and energetic. A thriving partnership weaves all three into the fabric of the relationship. Cultivating a relational climate that nurtures each individual partner’s identity and expression is essential to sustaining passion and desire. Through a multi-disciplined methodology that combines depth psychology, zen buddhism, co-active coaching, and ancient tantric rituals and practices, it is possible to reinvent the way a couple experience each other and their connection.