Zoë knows just how to wrap her arms around my heart and my story with bold compassion and loving wisdom. Zoë holds the torch for me as I navigate through rough waters and major life transitions where we explore together the deeper meaning but never lose sight of the practical application of life lessons and putting it all into new action. —Michelle B.

I randomly subscribed to receive Daily Notes From Your Pussy and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made these past few months. Waking up every morning to a note is the spark I need to start a day full of unlocking my needs and wants. Most importantly, it reminds me of the faith I have (or should have) in my goddess-self. If you are looking for that power within, I HIGHLY suggest this. —Destinee S.

Zoë is a spiritual Sherpa with mad skills for ushering women into their truth. When I think of Zoë, I know the only way forward is forward. —Masha L.

Zoë is a truly inspiring woman. She is expansive in her perspective, intuitive in her approach and deeply compassionate towards all that life puts in front of her. During her leadership of Badass Bootcamp I was reinvigorated and supported towards to move towards new edges of personal development. It has been an inner exploration of intuition and desire, by a leader of liberated self-expression. —Rachel R.

After 9 weeks of Badass Bootcamp with Zoë and an amazing group of women, I came away empowered and inspired. The format and length of course was a good amount of time. The topics of exploration and tools given were solid and pushed the inner boundaries. I am grateful to Zoë for her wisdom, kindness and look forward to working with her in the future. —Shelley K.

Zoë is truly amazing! Profound knowledge simply put… —M. Amta

Working with Zoë was both a breath of fresh air and a sucker-punch to the senses in the best imaginable way. She isn’t your typical coach who believes in neat and tidy practices that keep you comfortable while loading on vague assurances that you can live “intentional joy” or “authentic agency” or whatever – she cares about your growth, your success, and your taking ownership of your potential and goddess-ness, even if that means digging really deep and doing some hard work. Even during those times, she is with you every step of the way. I would work with Zoë again in a heartbeat and am so grateful that our paths crossed. —Sasha K.

When I first started working with Zoë, I was in a dark place. By the time I completed my final session, I was sitting in the sun having had the courage to quit my job and move to a different city. I am now holding a vision for myself that I’m truly in love with and stepping into. “Embracing the unknown” shifted from simply an idea to a way of life. Zoë’s love, humor, presence, and directness made it impossible for me to hide from myself. —Michelina J.