This 4-week online program is designed to ignite your sex drive and reconnect you with your sexuality in a whole new way, all in the privacy of your own home.

Does this sound like you?

YOU WERE RAISED to think that sex is dirty, shameful, or something we just don’t talk about. You have never really connected with your desire. Or perhaps you have but continue to feel conflicted about it.

YOU FEEL INSECURE about your body—the way it looks, smells, tastes, and feels. You compare yourself to other women and believe that others do too. Your lack of confidence holds you back.

YOU FEEL INVISIBLE to men. You don’t know how to flirt. You don’t feel sexy and desirable. You don’t really understand how this dance is supposed to work, what it should look like, how it should feel.

YOU DON’T ENJOY sex with your partner. You do things in bed that you would rather not and don’t know how to ask for what you do want. Your fantasy life doesn’t resemble your reality.

If you answered yes to any of these, then keep reading...

Did you know?

Couples in a Sexless Relationship (Newsweek)
Married Couples Who Haven't Had Sex in Over a Year (NY Times)
Women Who Have Exprienced Low Sex Drive (Healthy Women Study)


Reconnect with your sexuality in just 4 weeks...

Week 1: Clearing a Path for Sexuality

Identify and set aside a lifetime of interference in the authentic experience of a very natural and sacred part of yourself.

Week 2: Cultivating a Relationship with Your Body

Understand and celebrate the beauty and magic of your vagina as a force of nature, a source of power.

Week 3: Understanding Sexual Energy

Explore the expansive nature of your sexuality by increasing your sensitivity to and capacity for feminine energy as creative life force.

Week 4: Tending the Fire

Master the flow of sexual energy as a form of self-expression as you move through the world, connected, embodied, and alive.

I created this program after years of working with women and hearing a very common compaint:

A lack of desire for physical intimacy.

I understand. I was you. I spent 10 years in a sexless marriage, for which I blamed myself. I loved my husband and found him attractive. Yet I didn’t desire him and I didn’t understand why. 

You may have some reasons you can point to, but feel frustrated and confused about what is going on below the surface. You might feel like it’s your fault, and while you don’t feel turned on, you don’t want your partner to have sex with someone else, so you hang in the balance between giving in and holding off.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

“The byproduct of navigating our hyperconnected multitasking lives with poise and grace is the suppression of raw emotion.”

Zoë Kors



This program is designed to create a month-long container in which you will:

  1. DISCOVER aspects of yourself you lost or never knew existed.
  2. EMBRACE your body as a powerful force of nature.
  3. ENGAGE the flow of sexual energy, both in the bedroom and out in the world.
  4. CULTIVATE a new way of inhabiting your body and being with others.


  1. Four weekly videos delivered directly to your inbox, which you can watch on any device at any time.
  2. Four weekly downloadable PDF handouts with additional material.
  3. Membership in a moderated Private Facebook Group with a supportive sisterhood of women doing this program.
  4. Access to Zoë by email for additional support.

Normally $397

Now Only $97