Can you imagine living your life as a vibrant, sexy woman?

It’s not simple being a woman. We are complex creatures with a complicated operating system built on a network of irrational and often conflicting thoughts, feelings, and impulses. We are  often called “crazy” because of our spontaneous, chaotic nature. In a world that worships the masculine—rational, linear, problem-solving, goal-oriented—we are not given a context and a set of tools for our own powerful feminine identity.

This is most true when it comes to our sexuality. There are so many outside influences that shape our relationship with sex and our own bodies, that it is nearly impossible to distinguish what’s ours, what’s real, and what’s possible.

Coaching with me is perfect for you if you are ready to give your relationship with sexuality and your body the attention it deserves; if you are ready to make an investment in your own physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, the benefits of which you will feel for a lifetime.

We are taught that all things worth having require hard work. We work on our careers, marriages, fitness, and financial stability. Yet, we ignore the one thing that lives at the core of our being: Our essential need for love and intimacy. Coaching with me is an opportunity to do the work necessary to live your life as a vibrant, sexy woman.

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.” —Hafiz

I believe in your ability to rise above circumstance, to rewrite your story, to heal your spirit. I’ve traveled the road back to life from feeling dead inside, invisible, disconnected. Exploring your relationship with your sexuality is confusing and complex. Every woman I know carries some pain around her body, history, or desire. We live in a culture that tells us how we should look, smell, feel, taste, and act; that our appearance and behavior should be crafted for the consumption of others.

Here’s the thing: You deserve to feel vibrant, sexy, and alive. You deserve to have total sovereignty over your body and how you share it. You deserve to master the way your body works, how it feels, and how to communicate that to a partner.

I am not your guru, I am your sister. When you invite me into your life, we are in this together. I hold you with love and compassion while gently and persistently drawing out that which serves to hold you back from the wildest expression of your essential juicy nature.

Can you answer YES to any of these questions?

• Were you raised to think that sex is dirty, shameful, or something we just don't talk about? Has that left you deeply conflicted about your own desire for sex?

• Do you feel insecure about your body—the way it looks, smells, tastes, and feels. Do you compare yourself to other women and think they are more desirable than you?

• Do you feel invisible to men?  Are you confused about the way this whole intimacy thing is supposed to work?

• Do you dread sex with your partner? Do you do things in bed that you would rather not do because you don't want to say no...again?

• Are you a stranger to your own body? Do you have a hunch that your experience of your own sexuality is only a fraction of what is possible?

Are you ready to finally become the woman you always wanted to be?