with sex and intimacy coach ZOË KORS

Have You Ever Wondered

How sexual energy works? 

Is it possible to jumpstart your sex drive? 

Can rekindle the spark in your longterm monogamous relationship?

Why sometimes you feel turned on and sometimes you don’t?

Why sometimes you want to have sex and your body doesn’t respond?

That undeniable “chemistry” with someone—is it something that can be cultivated?

master your sexual energy

Your body contains a circuitry that handles the way you experience desire, sensation, and arousal. It is something that can be understood, practiced, and mastered.

We are conditioned to believe that sex is something we shouldn’t talk about—it’s personal, private, and even shameful. Culturally, this has left us with very little information about how our bodies work and why. 

Imagine having deep, experiential knowledge of how to manage and control your sexual energy. And to then apply that mastery not only to your sex life, but to all the parts of your life. 

What you wiLL learn


There 7 individual and distinct energy centers in your body which are responsible for nourishing specific systems and organs. Learn about each one in detail, along with practical ways to work with them for optimal health and wellness—generally and sexually.


There are 3 main energy channels along your spine, through which energy flows up and down nourishing the 7 energy centers. Learn practical ways to keep them them clear and balanced so you are able to feel desire and arousal often, appropriately, and strongly. 


The nature of sexual energy is simple when viewed through the lens of your sexual circuitry. Embrace desire, arousal, and sensation with practical ways to cultivate a much bigger capacity to feel and control, and have deeper, longer, soul-shaking orgasms. 

What you WILL get


5 videos featuring sex and intimacy coach, Zoë Kors, walking you through the program and sharing her own experience that changed her life and inspired her career. 


14 individual, downloadable handouts—that include detailed, full-color diagrams and charts that make the concepts and information easily understandable and accessible. 


3 practice plans with step-by-step instructions for incorporating the concepts and bringing your sexual circuitry to life with the electricity of desire, sensation, and arousal

this is for your if

You are a single man or woman 

You are a man or woman in a relationship

You are a couple 

You want to have a richer experience of sex

You are struggling with low sex drive

Your body is aging and your sexuality is changing

You want to feel more confident in bed

You want to reinvent the way you feel about sexuality

You geek out on applying technical knowledge to practical experience

You are a pleasure junky and you want to reach new heights

You crave more intimacy and you want to reach new depths

You are curious about making sex feel more spiritual

How it works

As soon as you enroll in Your Sexual Circuitry: The Energy of Desire, you have access to all of it. You can dive right in and binge it like a Netflix series, or save it all for later. You can move through it systematically in order, or bounce around and sample whatever interests you at any time. Whatever your style, you have access to the complete program instantly and forever.

ABout Zoë Kors

Zoë Kors is a sought-after thought leader and expert in sexuality. She maintains a thriving private practice in Los Angeles working with individuals and couples to find unprecendented freedom and intimacy in their relationships with themselves and with each other. 

Zoë is a featured sex expert on Residence 11, and is a consultant and content provider of the new revolutionary sex app, Coral. Zoë’s article, 6 Ways to Have Radically Intimate Sex, quickly went viral and is currently at 2.3 million views and over 200K Facebook shares.

She is a certified Co-Active Coach with the prestigious Co-Active Training Institute in San Rafael, CA. Zoë is initiated in the Sri Vidya tantra lineage. Her work reflects her extensive study of Tantra, Zen Buddhism, Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork, and other Eastern disciplines, which she integrates with more process-oriented modalities of Western psychotherapy and Co-Active Coaching.

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